Procrastination Woes

Don’t procrastinate! There! See, that helps, doesn’t it? If only it were that easy. I think some personalities are more prone to procrastinating than others. Maybe those who, like me, tend to put off things we find hard, that seem scary, or we don’t like doing anyway. Then there’s that matter of not liking conflict … Continue reading Procrastination Woes

Full Circle

I was reminded of something very important today: “It’s not about you.” Yes, that’s the first line from the book #The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren and it’s true. We get so caught up in ourselves and what we’re doing and what’s going on around us, we forget about the big picture. We forget … Continue reading Full Circle

Feeding the 10,000

Tuesday and Thursday last week (June 7-9th, 2022), several thousand people of all ages flocked to Midlothian, Texas, to participate in the filming of a crowd scene that will be shown in season 3 of the wildly popular crowd-funded TV series called The Chosen about the life of Jesus. The scene is from John 6:5-13 … Continue reading Feeding the 10,000


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