I’m on a journey. A journey to becoming whole. A journey to becoming more Christ-like. A journey to becoming more confident in my writing. A journey to becoming a novelist. This blog gives me an outlet to chronicle that journey.

Will you join me? I’d love the company.

Will you hold my hand? I’ll return the favor.

Will you hold me accountable? I need the push.

Thank you for reading.

Thank you for being there for me and encouraging me through your kind comments.

Thank you for helping me be me—uniquely, fearlessly, unequivocally.

Thank you for being you, the special creation God made you to be.

13 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Mia… I’m on the same road. From one sister writer for Christ to another. Keep writing keep praying and be patient. Just had one of those mornings of overwhelming thoughts and worries… When Lord? How Lord? And He said to me “Breathe. While you build your steps towards my will I am building your heart. In time all things will take place. Be patient” and so I took a breath and let the peace of God over come. Maybe one day we will swap books? ??💜💜

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