Feeding the 10,000

Tuesday and Thursday last week (June 7-9th, 2022), several thousand people of all ages flocked to Midlothian, Texas, to participate in the filming of a crowd scene that will be shown in season 3 of the wildly popular crowd-funded TV series called The Chosen about the life of Jesus. The scene is from John 6:5-13 where Jesus miraculously fed a gathering of 5,000 men, plus women and children (probably 10,000 or more people in all), with five barley loaves and two fish offered by a young boy. 

My husband and I had the privilege of being a part of that amazing, but massive, undertaking. We were with approximately 4500 others there on Tuesday and around 900 on Thursday. Another 4500 people attended on Wednesday. We were so well taken care of by what seemed like hundreds of servant-hearted workers from all over the country, who worked tirelessly to stave off dehydration and heat exhaustion. We were fed breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day with ample snacks, water, and gatorade offered all the time.

We sat out in the heat for hours at a time in our homemade 1st century costumes and, although it was grueling at times, I feel sure just about everyone who was there would agree that it was very rewarding and totally worth it.  On Thursday, we got to participate in a special night shoot.

I recommend downloading The Chosen app from your Apple or Android App Store, or by going to YouTube and searching for The Chosen. You can cast it to your smart TV and watch the first two seasons for free from there, plus you can find it on Netflix, Peacock, and Amazon Prime. It’s rated 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, and 9.4/10 on iMDb. It’s truly life changing!

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